Fundraiser 2018


Dear Friends of Empty Gate Zen Center,

Empty Gate Zen Center has bought a building! We are almost ready to begin renovations so that we can open a second branch of Empty Gate Zen Center, this time in Boise, Idaho. We have had a satellite group operating there for the past three years, and this year (with help from Clinton Smith, a Dharma Teacher in Boise) we purchased the building. Now we need your help to make this plan a reality. By giving to Empty Gate Zen Center's annual fundraising drive you will help us renovate the building and create a practice space to be shared by many people in the Boise area. Empty Gate Zen Center will have a second home, strengthening our presence in Boise and our ability to give people access to the teachings of the Kwan Um School of Zen. Zen Master Bon Soeng and Jason Quinn, JDPSN are each committed to leading practice and retreats in Boise two times per year. Additionally, the center holds five regular practice sessions each week and our membership in Boise is growing! Please take a moment to consider what tax-deductible donation you can afford. You can send all donation checks to Empty Gate or donate online down below using a credit card or PayPal account. Our new branch in Boise, Idaho will provide a clear and supportive environment for people to practice. Many thanks for your practice and your continued support of Empty Gate Zen Center.

Yours in the Dharma,

Zen Master Bon Soeng       Jason Quinn           Marshall White             Steve Watkins 

   Guiding Teacher               Vice-Abbot       Head Dharma Teacher          Director


Donate online using credit card or Paypal account


Send check or money order made and sent to:
Empty Gate Zen Center
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