Fundraiser 2013/14

Dear Friends of Empty Gate Zen Center,

It is the time of year when we come to you for additional financial support, along with some exciting announcements about recent events and future plans. 2013 has been a year of great transition at Empty Gate. With the departure of our Abbot, Jason Quinn, we have needed to put all our efforts into maintaining our practice program. It took some time but we have been able to sustain our weekly practice schedule, with many Sangha members stepping forward lead particular practices. We have also been able to keep our monthly retreat schedule intact due to the steady, committed attendance of Sangha members. Thank you all very much for your continued practice at Empty Gate!


We have two major things to share with you. First, our former Abbot, Jason, and his family (wife Kendra and son Myles) have returned to the Bay Area. Kendra got a wonderful job at Stanford which has allowed them to live close to her family in the South Bay. Jason has taken on the job of Vice-Abbot of Empty Gate and will be in charge of administration. He will work with Juan Velasco, who has been leading a sitting group at Santa Clara University for many years, to set up a satellite location in the South Bay. This would join our small satellite in San Francisco as a 3rd practice location. We look forward to many years of deep practice all around the Bay. Secondly, Empty Gate Zen Center is happy to let you all know that Zen Master Seong Hyang (Bobby Rhodes) has moved to Berkeley. She is the Guiding Teacher of the International Kwan Um School of Zen and we are very happy to have her teaching and practicing with us. In addition to her international teaching, she will lead some retreats during the year as well as give monthly talks and interviews at the Zen Center. Please come by and practice with her.

With all this growth happening at our different locations, we need a long-range administrative plan for all our Zen Center activities. We need your help to make this happen. Our membership dues and retreat fees have always been the bedrock of our support. Many of you have given generously in the past to allow us to continue to thrive. Your donations have given us the ability to serve more and more people looking for a place to practice. Once again we ask that you give generously to help us this year. Please help us meet our $12,000 fundraising goal with a donation now or a monthly pledge of support above your membership dues.

Please take a moment to consider what tax-deductible donation you can afford. You can send all donation checks to Empty Gate or donate online using a credit card or PayPal account.

Many thanks for your practice and your continued support of Empty Gate Zen Center.

Yours in the Dharma,

Zen Master Bon Soeng       Jason Quinn          Marshall White             Steve Watkins 
   Guiding Teacher               Vice-Abbot      Head Dharma Teacher          Director


Donate online using credit card or Paypal account


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