Fundraiser 2014

Dear Friends of Empty Gate Zen Center,

As the year begins to draw to a close, we once again come to you asking for your financial support to sustain and grow our programs.Over the last year, we continued our program of monthly retreats and twelve practice sessions per week, with the active participation of a growing sangha.  We have also increased our efforts to bring Zen teaching to students near and far. In addition to our San Francisco satellite group, we have two new satellite groups in Santa Clara, California and Boise, Idaho. These satellite groups offer consistent and supportive practice space for practitioners and sangha members who are unable to join regular practice at our Berkeley location.  

Our social media presence has continued to bring the teaching to people locally and around the world. Currently, we connect with 4300 people on Facebook and Twitter alone. Our YouTube teaching videos of talks by Zen Master Bon Soeng and others have received over 360,000 views. We also reached another important milestone: in August of this year, we reached our goal of paying off the mortgage on our 2200 Parker Street building. Thanks to all of you and to Searle Whitney for making this possible!

As we look out toward the coming year, we anticipate continued expansion of our programs and teaching. Our Santa Clara satellite group is growing quickly and we are predicting the need for a larger space in the next year. Our San Francisco satellite group has lost their space and is seeking a new one. As each of these satellite groups continues to grow, we would like to help them provide a supportive practice space to new and returning practitioners. We also hope to offer more training workshops for our Dharma Teachers and Dharma Teachers-in-Training. We need your support to make these things happen!

Please take a moment to consider what tax-deductible donation you can afford. You can send all donation checks to Empty Gate or donate online using a credit card or PayPal account. Many thanks for your practice and your continued support of Empty Gate Zen Center.

Many thanks for your practice and your continued support of Empty Gate Zen Center.

Yours in the Dharma,

Zen Master Bon Soeng       Jason Quinn           Marshall White             Steve Watkins 

   Guiding Teacher               Vice-Abbot       Head Dharma Teacher          Director

Donate online using credit card or Paypal account


Send check or money order made and sent to:
Empty Gate Zen Center
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