New Year Message from Zen Master Bon Soeng


Dear Sangha,

Right now is the New Year. Welcome!

It is Kyol Che time all over the world. In Providence, Warsaw, Hong Kong and Mu Sang Sa members and friends of the Kwan Um School of Zen are renewing their practice vows and delving into the great question of life and death. At Empty Gate we mark this deepening of practice with Heart Kyol Che, which is a time to increase and deepen our formal practice for the 3 month period of Kyol Che. We will be offering two retreats during the next 3 months. January  26-28 Jason Quinn, JDPSN, will lead a 3 day retreat and February 23-March 3 we will hold our annual 8 day retreat led by Zen Master Bon Song. We encourage all of us to commit to deepening our practice during these winter months and coming to the Zen Center for practice, talks, and retreats, in order to support each other in this work.

As part of the Kyol Che season, we ask Dharma Teachers and Dharma Teachers in Training to offer a Wednesday night talk. This year we ask that you tell a story from your life that illustrates practice in action for you. Talk about how practice manifests specifically for you. You can sign up for these talks with our Dharma Talk coordinator Gary Sprague at

You all are an integral part of our Empty Gate Zen Center family. May we together fulfill our Great Vows by getting to the root of our nature and helping this world in our own particular way.

Kwan Sae Um Bosal,
Bon Soeng