Responding To Fear

Any stink of "I" perverts our view, because we make something and we shape it to fit our own personal idea. We respond to fear by trying to circle the wagons. We circle the wagons with our thoughts and our rejection of things. All of that is a response to fear of uncertainty. The fear of the unknown. 

When something happens that we don't like, we freak out. And often in that freakout, we make matters worse. We try to apply this skewed view, this perverted view to fix the situation. But in the process, very often we make it worse.

The first rule of falling into a hole is to stop digging. Our impulse is to keep digging, and we think if we just keep doing what we're used to doing, that will take care of it. But if we can stop digging, perceive the fear, rather than immediately relying on everything we've done before... Breathe....... Stop...... Actually Look. Actually let go of that view and just look. 

It's possible to actually see what's happening in this very moment. If we can see it clearly, it's possible to respond to it clearly. But if we cannot see it clearly, we'll never be able to respond to it clearly. So that's why in the Buddhist teaching, Right View is the doorway into everything else. Because as long as we stay stuck in that perverted view, we'll keep recreating the vision of our own experience rather than entering into what's real.

By Zen Master Bon Soeng