Defending the Story

That’s human mind. We attach to things, we like something, we don’t like something else. We jump from being happy and loving to being angry and sad. We’re on this roller coaster of good and bad, right and wrong, what we like and what we don’t like. We chase after what we want, we reject what we don’t want and we create an idea, a theory, a story to justify it. And then we’ll defend that story almost with our life, sometimes literally with our life. What is it that we’re defending? We’re defending a fantasy. 

The simple practices are about being able in the moment to make the choices available to us. If we’re not awake our karmic tendencies, our habitual patterns, rule the show. I’m not making this up, watch your own life. We just keep redoing the same stupid action over and over again. And then we wonder why we suffer so much. But if we can be awake in this moment, it’s possible not to allow that conditioned reaction to overtake us. It’s possible to do something different. That’s what we do in a Zen center. That’s what Zen centers are about. It may look formal, it may look like “why do they do all these crazy things”? We do these "crazy things " is just to be be alive in the moment that we’re in. Then when suffering appears in front of us, we can lend a hand.

By Zen Master Bon Soeng