Repaying The Universe

Our body is made up of four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Everything we eat or use is also made of these four elements. So these four elements are us and we are these four elements. This means we are the universe and the universe is us. But how do you show your gratitude to the universe? If you understand that, you understand your correct job as a human being. A human being’s correct job is to make harmony with everything in the universe – with the sky, with the tree, with the dog, with the cat, with everything. If you have this harmony mind, you cannot kill an animal or kill a tree. That’s the correct idea. This correct idea appears when you put down your opinion, condition, situation and moment to moment keep correct function, correct situation, correct relationship. Then you and the four elements become one.

Anytime you have “I,” you have a problem. Our teaching is only do it. Don’t make I. When you do a good action, it’s not “I make good action”; it’s your original job as a human being. It’s your payment to the four elements, to the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe. A helping action is not good, not bad. Nature does its job without making good or bad. Water is flowing; is that good or bad? Sky is blue, tree is green; is that good or bad?

Don’t make anything. Just do it.

Excerpt from Earth, Air, Fire and Water Repaying The Universe

Don't Look Outside of Yourself

The Buddha's enlightenment was about realizing what we already are. The Buddha's enlightenment wasn't about finding something outside of ourselves that suddenly now make us complete. It's finding and connecting to what we already are. We already have it. It's not something that we need to create, or get from somebody else. When we hear, "we already have it, don't look outside of yourself", it can bring up a view that myself is in the boundaries of this skin. But the confusing contradiction is that when you look really deeply, this whole universe is myself. I don't stop at the boundaries of my skin. 

So, don't look outside of yourself doesn't necessarily mean don't pay attention to everything around you. You are it! You and I are not separate. Our thinking makes us separate. Our self-centered "I-ness" makes us separate. But how do you really know where you and I begin?

By Zen Maser Bon Soeng

Don't Know Is Your True Self

Great Question.jpg

Our practice pushes us back to this question "What am I?". The Universe manifesting this moment is always showing us.  Zen Master Seung Sahn used to always say, "Don't Know is your True Self." What does that mean? "Don't Know is your True Self." We all want something that is our true self, and then we can be comfortable. But "Don't Know is your True Self" means this Universe manifesting right now is a reflection of our true nature.  

How we operate in this very moment affects the whole universe. So we have an incredible responsibility in our own lives right now. The very particular thing that we do creates this world we live in. 

By Zen Master Bon Soeng